De nombreux CDs de Gene Kelly existent. Malheureusement peut de ces CDs sont disponibles en France.
Ceux que je présente ici sont les CDs que je recommande tout particulièrement.

En ce qui concerne les Bandes Originals de film, la meilleure collection reste la TCM Turner Classic Movies Music. Chaque CD comporte toute la musique et les chansons du film avec très souvent des chansons inédites. Malheureusement beaucoup de ces CDs sont devenus rares, la dernière édition datant pour la plupart de 1996. Mais avec un peu de chance, peut être pourriez-vous en trouver en vente sur Internet. Les Bandes Originals parut dans cette collection sont:


Coffret 2 CDs
BD Gene Kelly

1. For me and my gal 2. Whe you wore a tulip 3. Ballin' the jack 4. Long ago and far away 5. The king who couldn't dance 6. We hate to leave 7. I begged her 8. If you knew Susie like I know Susie 9. The Babbitt and the bromide 10. Fido and me 11. Nina 12. Be a clown 13. Take me out to the ball game 14. Yes indeedy 15. O'Brien, to Ryan to Goldberg 16. New York, New York 17. When you walk down mainstreet with me 18. You, wonderful you 19. Dig-dig-dig for your dinner 20. Heavenly music

CD 2 :
1. Tra-la-la 2. Love is here to stay 3. I got rhythm 4. 's wonderful 5. Fit as a fiddle 6. Singin' in the rain 7. You were meant for me 8. Moses 9. Broadway melody ballet 10. Would you? 11. You are my lucky star 12. Almost like being in love 13. The Heather on the hill 14. The daughter of Rosie O'Grady 15. Grand Old Flag / Yankee Doodle Boy 16. Ida, sweet as apple cider 17. Doin' the new low-down 18. Moonlight Bay 19. Let yourself go

Gene Kelly at MGM's Wonder
[Best Of]


1.Singin' in the Rain 2. I Got Rhythm 3. Almost Like Being in Love 4. For Me and My Gal 5. Love Is Here to Stay 6. Good Morning 7. Nina 8. Babbitt and the Bromide 9. Worry Song 10. You Wonderful You 11. Dig-Dig-Dig for Your Dinner 12. Be a Clown 13. You Were Meant for Me 14. Fido and Me 15. Main Street 16. I Like Myself 17. Girls 18. 'S Wonderful






ZWhen we were very young


  1. 1.Alphabet Song 2.At The Zoo 3.Halfway 4.Down Hoppity 5.In The Fashion 6.Jack And Jill 7.Little Boy Blue 8.London Bridge

  2. 9.Mary Had A Little Lamb 10.Missing

  3. 11.Peter Rabbit 12.Politeness 13.Pop! Goes The Weasel 14.Sing A Song Of Sixpence 15.Sneezles 16.The Four Friends 17.The King Who Couldn't Dance (The Worry Song) 18.The Pied Piper Of Hamelin 19.The Shoemaker And The Elves